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Praying for Iraq

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14th August

The situation that Christians in Iraq are currently facing is unthinkably bleak. The following article was written by Pastor Dai Hankey in order to help us better pray for persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Recent events in Iraq have affected me very, very deeply.

The brutality being unleashed by the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) in northern Iraq is unlike anything I have ever heard of or comprehended. Children decapitated and cut in half. Women raped and sold into slavery. Entire families being buried alive in mass graves. Christians crucified. Property seized. Churches burned. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing into the deserts and hills to escape, many dying of thirst and exposure before ever finding safety.

It is sheer evil.

There is no other way to describe it.

Admittedly, not all who are suffering are Christians, as it seems that anyone who doesn’t hold to the … Read More »

Tough Mudder

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11th August

On Saturday 16th August some of the Hill City men are taking part in Tough Mudder – a challenging 12 mile assault course that incorporates mud, fire, ice water and electric shocks! They are doing this to raise money for 2 different causes:

CAP Torfaen – a fantastic local ministry that helps people get out of debt.

Open Doors – serving and supporting persecuted Christians worldwide.

If you would like to support either of these causes you can do so on the following JustGiving pages:

CAP Torfaen

Open Doors

RED Community

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7th June

It is estimated that there are currently as many as 27 million slaves in the world today, more than at any other time in history. Many of these slavesare the victims of human trafficking – the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Right now, countless millions are suffering horrendous abuse at the hands of vicious organised criminals who traffic, trade and exploit vulnerable women, children and men for financial gain.

Human trafficking is a an appalling global epidemic, though it is not just happening in other countries, it is also happening here in Wales, as Welsh Assembly Member, Joyce Watson, tells us:

“human trafficking is not exclusively an urban phenomenon, rather it is prevalent in every type of community in Wales, from the urban streets of Cardiff to the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire.”

Hill City’s Lead Pastor, Dai Hankey, is a passionate advocate … Read More »

Kids Club

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29th May

Hill City Church started as a gospel outreach on Trevethin estate, and while our Sunday gatherings have now moved to a more central part of the valley, Hill City remains passionate about reaching out to the community of Trevethin with the good news of Jesus. One of the ways that we do this is by running a weekly Kids Club.

Kids Club is an after school club that runs every Wednesday during term time at Cold Barn Farm. Kids Club is open to all children of Junior School age and involves singing, craft, Bible stories and many other fun activities. We are very committed to ensuring that all the children who come to Kids Club are safe, secure and happy, therefore everyone who works on the team is CRB checked and has undergone rigorous safeguarding training.

If you live in the Trevethin area … Read More »

Champion Football Boot Camp

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25th May

Champion Bank Holiday Boot Camp is a day of soccer skill coaching, competition and fun for kids (aged 6-10) that is a partnership between Hill City Church, Highfields Church and Scottsdale Bible. It takes place in Trevethin on Bank Holiday Monday (26th May). All the details are on the flyer below:

New Beginnings at Easter

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21st April

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day for us at Hill City. Not only was it great to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, it was also the first gathering at our new venue for Sunday worship – Pontnewynydd Chapel. One of the largest congregations we’ve ever had came together to enjoy a great time of sung worship, including a great rendition of ‘He has Risen’ by the Hill City kids. There were various readings and a joyful time of prayer before Lead Pastor, Dai Hankey, preached on the resurrection from the account in Luke’s gospel. Good, fresh coffee and crates of home made cake were consumed after the service as the Hill City family started to get used to the new surroundings.

We thank God for the beginning of a new chapter for Hill City, and for the living hope we have … Read More »


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15th April

One of the things that concerns me about the impact of technology and social media on Christians today is that despite its promise to simplify our lives it actually complicates them. Oftentimes what that means for our devotional lives is that we are all too easily distracted rather than getting deeply connected with God. Certainly my own experience is that countless times I’ve found myself gazing at the screen of my smartphone for the umpteenth time that day and then catching myself thinking “when was the last time I prayed today?” I even have moments of resenting that little screen for constantly snatching my attention away from my God.

Can you relate to that?

If so then hopefully, like me, you’ll be buzzin about a new smartphone app that I got hold of last week. PrayerMate is a fantastic app that has … Read More »

So long and thank you P.A.L.C!

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14th April

Sunday 13th April 2014 was a significant day for us at Hill City as we said goodbye to Pontypool Active Living Centre (PALC) as the venue for our Sunday gatherings. It’s fair to say that the last 10 months have been phenomenal for us as a church as we have grown in so many ways:

Numerically (our congregation has almost doubled)
Pastorally (with more saints than ever loving, serving and caring for one another)
Missionally (through ministries such as CAP and Foodbank as well as through our gospel communities and personal evangelism)
Theologically (the teaching at Hill City has gone from strength to strength, with the Colossians series especially impacting)

It seemed fitting to sign off at PALC by making the most of their pool facilities and baptising some of those who have come to faith in Jesus in the last few months, and what … Read More »

Lloyd’s Baptism

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17th February

Last night (Sunday 16th February) was a very special night for us as a church as we got to celebrate God’s saving grace and baptise our new friend, Lloyd.

Lloyd, a former soldier, came to faith a few months ago and has become a very, very special part of Hill City Church since. His baptism (which you can see below) was not only a great testimony to the saving power of Jesus, it was also a fantastic way to formally welcome Lloyd into the Hill City family.

Glory to God!

You can listen to Lloyd’s testimony here.

The audio of James Richards’ baptism message can be found here.

Happy Birthday Food Bank

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12th February

The Eastern Valley Food Bank recently celebrated it’s first birthday. The impact that the Food Bank has had on thousands of people in the valley cannot be underestimated and a huge “thank you” has to be said said to the dozens of volunteers from churches across the area who help to keep the Food Bank running. The project manager, Hill City’s Jen Taylor, has written the following to mark Food Bank’s first year:

“When a food bank to cover the Eastern Valley was first envisaged, nobody could have foreseen the level of need seen in the year since we first opened the doors at The Hope Centre on 28th January 2013. 

In this year we have given out a total of 43,730 meals, feeding 2,720 adults and 1,653 children. This equates to a total of 32.6 tonnes of food.

We remain overwhelmed by … Read More »

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