Looking for a good cuppa or a delicious latte? What about a scrumptious cake? If these questions are making your mouth water, then you should pop in to the new Revive Community Cafe! It is located behind the Emmaus Chapel in Pontnewynydd and has been established by Hill City Church. All of the workers are volunteers from Hill City and have been trained to prepare and serve all that the cafe has to offer.

With its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Revive is a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. The menu includes a variety of espresso drinks as well as a selection of teas all served with homemade biscuits.The cafe also features different food items such as paninis, jacket potatoes, and a variety of delicious homemade cakes. All of the cakes are made by the cafe manager, Allison Pennell. Her hopes for the cafe are that it would become the heart of the community and be used by different social groups as meeting places.The ultimate hope of the cafe is that it would bring people to Hill City Church while reflecting and sharing the love of Jesus. The heart behind this cafe is very clear to everyone who stops by, the lovely people and their abundant kindness leaving an impression on the customers. It is truly a hidden gem of Pontypool, just waiting to be brought into the light and shared with everyone. Once the word gets out, I’m expecting this cafe to be a huge success! The hours are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9AM-2PM, so be sure to stop in to Revive Community Cafe and get a taste!

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