Hi! We’re Andy and Sophie Toovey and we’ve been living in Garndiffaith for nearly four years now, seeking to serve the community and share the gospel.

Over that time, our video and film business has grown, and we’re looking to find two Christian interns (preferably ages 18-24) to come and join us for a year – to work and train in the business, to be mentored and discipled as part of Hill City Church, and to help reach the community with the gospel of Jesus.

If you think that might be you, please get in touch via the form below! (If you don’t fit the ages, but you’re still interested in what we’re up to in the Garn, please get in touch as well!)


What's so special about Garndiffaith?
Garndiffaith is a small community at 1000ft above sea level, with a population of about 3,500; it’s not famous and it’s a pretty quiet place to live. It’s only a twenty minute drive from Newport, but feels worlds away from that kind of multi-ethnic city environment. As part of the valleys, Garndiffaith is a town surrounded by other towns, and our area of Torfaen is densely populated, yet we don’t have the support and resources that churches in city areas might have. We’re here primarily because of the need for gospel workers and because God has called us. We’d love you to pray and consider if God could be calling you here too.
Isn't Wales full of churches?
One of the results of the 1904-05 Welsh revival was an increase in church and chapel buildings, particularly in South Wales. But it’s a sad sign of how much things have changed that so many of those buildings are now demolished, derelict, or sold for other uses. In the three years prior to us moving to Garndiffaith, three churches closed in the community. There is now just one small Methodist church in the Garn whose minister also looks after eight other churches, and he is due to retire soon. For most people in the Garn, church is a place to (possibly) get married and (hopefully not too soon) get buried. 
What's it like to live there?
It definitely takes a while to get to know people, but it’s a really lovely community. It is a quiet town with a workman’s club, a pub and a community hall, and a couple of shops. There are good bus links to Pontypool, Cwmbran and Newport. There are lots of families and an older generation who have lived here all their lives. Many were brought up going to chapel and Sunday school but only a few would still go now. Garndiffaith is an urban area, but on the verge of rural areas too, so you have a lovely mixture of community yet with the hills and mountains just at the end of the road.  
How did you end up there?
We were wanting to do some sort of church planting ministry in an area with not much gospel witness. We felt that the valleys were a needy area that are often overlooked because Christians tend to either go to the cities or the suburbs. Hill City Church identified Garndiffaith as a place where they would like to start some ministry and outreach, and asked us to consider being involved. It felt like a perfect fit for us as it was close to Sophie’s family, Sophie could keep working at a local school, and we wanted to be involved in Hill City’s ministry. God really confirmed that it was the right thing through various Scriptures that people shared with us. It took us over a year of praying, planning and waiting until we finally moved here in the summer of 2012.
What's Hill City Church like?
Hill City is an awesome church! We absolutely love being part of this body of believers. At the core of everything that goes on, there’s the desire to give Jesus glory and keep His cross at the centre. The preaching is vibrant and clear, taking what the Bible says seriously and applying it into our lives today with relevance and practicality. There’s the challenge of ongoing repentance and the encouragement of grace as we share life together. We love singing and lifting up God’s name. Our Sunday morning meeting is full of families, probably about 50 people. Everyone is encouraged to be part of a gospel community, and we have a couple of those spread out over Torfaen. The church was planted by Dai Hankey, an Acts 29 planter, and head of Acts 29 Wales, with links to Highfields, a large FIEC church in Cardiff. We are an evangelical, reformed, charismatic and elder-led church.
What's a gospel community?
A gospel community is basically a group of people who commit to sharing life together, to meeting regularly for discipleship and also to join together to reach out to others in the local area. It looks different in different places and for people at different stages of life, but the aim is for it to be more than just a home group meeting once a week for Bible study. Hill City currently has four gospel communities up and down Torfaen.
What's an intern and what would I have to do?
The basic idea of internship is that someone who is young and inexperienced works in a setting where they can be mentored and gain training and skills. We’re looking for people who are interested in video and film production, who would like to learn about how we run 2V Studios and shadow Andy and Joe to gain skills. We also want people who are passionate about Jesus and keen to share Him with others, who would be willing to be part of Hill City and our gospel community, and help us with our ministry here. So we imagine that an average week would involve part-time work with 2V Studios, and part-time ministry work such as helping to run a community event or outreach.
Why do I have to be between 18 and 24?
The Welsh government run a scheme called Jobs Growth Wales, where they will pay the minimum wage to young people aged below 24 for 6 months working for Welsh-based businesses. We’re hoping to access some of that funding to support interns for the business portion of their work. If that’s not you, we’re still very open to you coming to live and serve in the Garn, but you would need to be self-funded. Please get in touch either way! 
Where would I live?
We’ve had an offer accepted on a 3 bedroom house and we plan to use the lounge as an office area and house two interns there as well for the duration of their internship. It’s just up the road from where we live as a family. 
How did 2V Studios start?
Andy was doing freelance work, initially graphic design and websites, which then developed into photography. He then bought a DSLR which could record video, and increasingly had more work to make videos for churches, charities and other organisations. God really blessed the business and it just kept growing, to the point where Andy was able to take on Joe part time, who has now become a Director. Last year Andy won The Pitch film competition which gave him the funding to make a short film, ‘Only Child,’ and is currently working with the producers to develop a feature version. We’ve always been keen to use the business to help to facilitate our mission here, but also train up young people who are passionate about film and the gospel, and how those two can combine for God’s glory. 
What kind of videos do 2V Studios make?
A mixture! We’ve done promos and documentaries, and we love narrative projects as well. We’ve also got a drone for aerials, which is another area of the business we’d like to develop further. If you see our showreel, or visit our website, you’ll get a better feel for what we do. 

Got any other questions? Send us a message using the form above and we’ll do our best to answer!