For the duration of our existence since 2007, Hill City Church has been a nomadic church. We’ve felt a bit like the Israelites in the desert moving from place to place – from a home to a community centre, then a leisure centre to a church building, we’ve never been in one place longer than a couple of years. Now however we feel we may have found a place to settle.

For the past 3 years we’ve been renting Emmaus Chapel in Pontnewynydd, Pontypool from the Congregational Church and we’ve seen great benefits of using a building which we’ve had the freedom to use during the week, and having been planted in the middle of a community surrounding the church building. We’ve been able to run more regular ministries and events and have seen links with those living around the church begin to build over that time.

Unfortunately though, the congregation that once met in Emmaus has now closed so we find ourselves in the position where the only way we can continue using the building is to buy it for ourselves at an asking price of £50,000. Added to this, the building is in great need of repair and so we’re attempting to raise both the £50k but also money for a significant amount of renovation – the rough breakdown is below:

Purchase price for Emmaus including fees£52,500
Essential renovation – roofs, wiring, heating, windows£100,000
Other work which we’d love to do including a porch,
better access to our back garden area, internal redesign
giving us more seating area
Total money to be raised£256,500

Having begun to raise money in the church we’re already a significant way there to obtaining the purchase price – please first and foremost pray with us that the remainder would be provided. If you would also consider helping us financially with this please go to our fundraising site (https://www.give.net/hillcitybuilding/), and if you’ve any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07933 348307 or info@nullhillcitychurch.org. Thanks so much for reading and thank you for your support.