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John Hindley's first session of the Serving Without Sinking Conference, held at the Hope Centre (Pontypool) on 28th September 2013.


September 22, 2013
One of the most staggering episodes in the gospels witnesses Jesus curse a fruitless fig tree before entering into the temple, flipping tables, driving out livestock and generally upsetting the…


September 15, 2013
King Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a colt. He is greeted by adoring crowds waving palm branches, but is He the Saviour they were expecting...?


September 8, 2013
As Jesus heads towards Jerusalem and the cross He encounters a blind man on the road who was so full of faith that he simply would not be silenced. His…


September 1, 2013
Pastor James Richards continues our series in Mark's gospel by considering the encounter of Jesus with the rich young ruler.


July 21, 2013
Following Peter's incredible confession that Jesus is the Christ, Jesus goes on to explain to His disciples in no uncertain terms that He is heading down a path of rejection,…
Glyn Blaize speaks at our Church's Big Day Out on the subject of resting in the midst of busyness.
Jesus miraculously heals a blind man's eyes, then asks His disciples some searching questions. Peter (for once) gets the answer spot on!
Seeking to trip Him up the Pharisees start questioning Jesus about the eating habits of His disciples. Jesus exposes their hypocrisy and tells them in no uncertain terms what He…


June 9, 2013
Pastor James Richards delivers a powerful and challenging message from the account of Jesus walking on water.

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