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Caleb Jones gets to grips with this compelling passage in which Jesus comes face to face with a tomb-dwelling, chain-wrecking, self-harming demoniac of the country of the Gadarenes. (Animal lovers…


May 12, 2013
Following His epic teaching session from a boat on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus and His disciples set sail for the other side, only to sail straight…


April 28, 2013
Andy Toovey considers what it means to be a people who are actively engaged in shining the light of the gospel of Jesus into our dark world.


April 21, 2013
Pastor Dai Hankey tackles the famous parable of the sower, considering the different soil that the seed of the gospel will land on and exploring how we can best prepare…


April 14, 2013
Pete Cole looks at the actions of Jesus' family as they fear for His health, then considers the true nature of what it means to be part of the family…
Pastor Dai Hankey preaches the seventh part of our Journey With Jesus series. As Jesus teaches the crowds on the beach he spots Levi the tax collector sitting in his…
Neil McCarthy celebrates the wonder of the resurrection at our Easter Family service.
As part of our Good Friday communion service, Nathan Davies preaches a simple, powerful message reflecting on the cross of Jesus and what impact His sacrifice can have on our…


March 24, 2013
Nathan Davies looks at the story of the paralytic who was miraculously healed (after his friends had ripped a hole in Jesus' roof) and who also experienced an even more…


March 17, 2013
A stirring message by Andy Toovey looking at Jesus calling the first disciples to join His mission. The conclusion - Christ is a very different kind of King who calls…

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