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Philip continues to be lead by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel where ever he is sent, and this time the message lands on a man ready and willing…
Phillip begins preaching the risen Christ to the people of Samaria. Simon, a practicer of magic who influenced the people, is confronted with the True Messiah he was pretending to…
Stephen, being filled with the Holy Spirit, delivers a uncompromising gospel message  to the religious leaders in the face of death.
A complaint is brought before the leaders of the 1st century church. They  deal with it it a way that honors God and is relevant for us today .
Pete Cole preaches a gospel message from Acts 5 as the early church continues to grow, in the face of the increasing hostility and persecution.
Far from stopping them in their tracks, the threats and intimidation have only served to strengthen the faith and accelerate the growth of the early church who were enjoying a…
Following the miraculous healing of the lame man and Peter's insistence that this miracle had been done in the name of Jesus, the religious authorities arrested the apostles and insisted…
As Peter and John were on their way to pray at the temple they encounter a lame man. He asks for them for a hand-out, but gets so much more…
In this third part of our series in the Book of Acts, James Richards considers the counter-cultural community exemplified by the early, Spirit-filled church.
Pastor Dai preaches on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 where 120 christians received the Holy Spirit and 3000 were saved as Peter preached.
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