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Pete Cole teaches on the Luke's account of a paralysed man being forgiven of his sins, and being healed. Its a story of bold faith, faithful friends, and what Jesus…
Pastor Dai Hankey takes a look at Psalm 62, in which King David looks his enemies in the eye and, with raw vulnerability and unflinching faith, demonstrates the security that…
Pastor Dai Hankey shares the story of the resurrection of Jesus this Easter Sunday during our first service in the new Hill City Venue.
On this Palm Sunday service Nathan Davies asked us the simple question: "Who do you say that Jesus is?"
An authentic relationship with Jesus should always be evident by the way we seek to relate with others. Pastor Dai Hankey considers Paul's exhortation to the church at Colosse to…

Seek Things Above

March 23, 2014
Having laid solid gospel foundations in chapters 1 - 2, the Apostle Paul urges the saints of Colosse to "put on the new self". Pastor James explores this passage, not…
Pastor Dai Hankey grapples with Paul's exhortation to the saints at Corinth to see to it that nothing and no one takes them captive, seducing them away from Jesus, citing…
In this third and final session, Michelle Hankey explores Mary's anointing of Jesus at Bethany from the accounts in Matthew, Mark and John.
Liz Ollerton teaches in the second session of Precious 2014, looking at the tender way that Jesus dealt with Mary following the death of her brother, Lazarus.
Sophie Toovey speaks at the first session of the Precious ladies conference, considering the differing attitudes of Mary and Martha in the presence of Jesus.
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