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Seek Things Above

March 23, 2014
Having laid solid gospel foundations in chapters 1 - 2, the Apostle Paul urges the saints of Colosse to "put on the new self". Pastor James explores this passage, not…
Pastor Dai Hankey grapples with Paul's exhortation to the saints at Corinth to see to it that nothing and no one takes them captive, seducing them away from Jesus, citing…
In this third and final session, Michelle Hankey explores Mary's anointing of Jesus at Bethany from the accounts in Matthew, Mark and John.
Liz Ollerton teaches in the second session of Precious 2014, looking at the tender way that Jesus dealt with Mary following the death of her brother, Lazarus.
Sophie Toovey speaks at the first session of the Precious ladies conference, considering the differing attitudes of Mary and Martha in the presence of Jesus.
What does it mean to not only receive Christ, but to walk in Him also? Andy Toovey considers Paul's exhortation to be rooted, growing, and abounding in thankfulness, encouraging us…

Christ in You

March 2, 2014
Hill City evangelist, James Richards, considers what it means to rejoice in sufferings, to fill up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions, and to know the glorious mystery of Christ…
Paul reminds the Colossians who they were without Christ, what He did to reconcile them to Himself and what His heart is for them - to present them holy, blameless…

The Preeminent Christ

February 16, 2014
Concerned about certain elements of the Colossian church worshipping angels and get distracted by religion and tradition, the apostle Paul writes to remind them who should be central to their…
James Richards briefly unpacks the meaning behind baptism from Romans chapter six.

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