December 29, 2013
Pastor James Richards concludes our Journey with jesus through Mark's gospel, urging us to take seriously the great commission to go out into the world and proclaim the life-changing good…


December 8, 2013
In this sermon, Pastor Dai Hankey looks at the event that changes everything - the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead - and considers its implications for us today.…


December 1, 2013
The suffering of Christ reaches a crescendo as He is mocked, beaten, led to Golgotha and nailed to the cross. After bearing the full weight of the Father's wrath against…


November 24, 2013
Beaten and battered, Jesus is dragged before Pontius Pilate, who is reluctant to sentence Him to death. In a last ditch attempt to release Jesus, Pilate offers to release to…


November 17, 2013
Following the spiritual agony of Gethsemane Garden, Jesus faces another type of agony - that of betrayal and denial. In this sermon, Pastor Dai Hankey considers the lowest moment of…


November 10, 2013
Pastor James Richards takes us to the holy ground of Gethsemane Garden as Christ surrenders to the Father's will and willingly chooses to drink the cup of God's wrath on…


October 20, 2013
Sandwiched between 2 sinister accounts of plot and betrayal, Mark records the beautiful, passionate moment that Mary of Bethany 'wastes' her precious perfume by spilling it on Jesus. Pastor James…

The End

October 13, 2013
As Jesus leaves Jerusalem and pronounces the destruction of her temple, His disciples ask for a sign. What they get is a huge discourse on the end of the world…


October 6, 2013
Pastor James Richards continues our series through Mark's gospel and takes a surprising look at the story of the widow who put all that she had in the offering box…


September 29, 2013
Pastor Dai Hankey considers Jesus' teaching of the First Commandment - the meaning of life and the summary of all scripture in a nutshell.