Happy Birthday Food Bank

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Food Bank montageThe Eastern Valley Food Bank recently celebrated it’s first birthday. The impact that the Food Bank has had on thousands of people in the valley cannot be underestimated and a huge “thank you” has to be said said to the dozens of volunteers from churches across the area who help to keep the Food Bank running. The project manager, Hill City’s Jen Taylor, has written the following to mark Food Bank’s first year:

“When a food bank to cover the Eastern Valley was first envisaged, nobody could have foreseen the level of need seen in the year since we first opened the doors at The Hope Centre on 28th January 2013. 

In this year we have given out a total of 43,730 meals, feeding 2,720 adults and 1,653 children. This equates to a total of 32.6 tonnes of food.

We remain overwhelmed by the generosity of all those who contribute to the ongoing ability of the food bank to meet the needs of families who are in crisis throughout the Torfaen area.

Churches, schools, individuals, supermarkets, businesses and the general public all play their part by donating food on a regular basis.

A special thanks to all those who willingly give their time and energy in serving at all four distribution centres throughout the Eastern Valley, as well as those who assist at our supermarket collections.

We continue to see, and give praise for God’s hand and heart in this work and we thank Him for the opportunity it gives us to tell others about Jesus and to show His love in a practical way.”

Happy birthday Eastern Valley Food Bank!


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