Prayer Week 2016

Each year we dedicate the first full week to prayer and fasting. Our prayer week for 2016 runs from Sunday 3rd – Saturday 9th January. There will be various prayer foci at various locations throughout the week. We will also be receiving daily prayer prompts via Prayer Mob throughout the week. It would be great to have you join us… … Read more Prayer Week 2016

Important news from Pastor Dai

This is a little post that contains some BIG news! Last night Michelle and I shared with our ‘sending’ church, Highfields, some news that we have already announced to our ‘home’ church Hill City – that we believe that God has called us to move back to Cardiff to plant a new church in a very diverse, transient and challenging area of the inner-city. This is … Read more Important news from Pastor Dai

Big Bake

Sunday 18th October is Anti-Slavery Day. We will be marking the day and raising awareness about human trafficking at Hill City Church by doing a Big Bake! The Big Bake is a great initiative from Tearfund that mixes shining a light on human trafficking with the creation of incredible cakes – that then get sold in … Read more Big Bake