Bikes for Refugees

3245_700xFriends, I was delighted when I learned last month that Torfaen is providing accommodation for several families from war-torn Syria who have sought refuge in Wales. As soon as this was announced I felt compelled that we as a church should do whatever we can to welcome them into our community and to help them settle.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be approached today and asked if we could help to provide some bicycles for the children in these families. Therefore this post is really an appeal to ask if you could help to provide some bikes for these precious kids. Do you or your friends / family have any bikes that have been outgrown or remain unused? We are happy to take second hand bikes but would ask that they are good quality and in decent working order. The bikes that we need are as follows:

  • Girl aged 10
  • Girl aged 4
  • Girl aged 3
  • Boy aged 6-7
  • Boy aged 6-7
  • Boy aged 2-3

We will put lines through the bikes as and when we get them provided. Thank you so much for seeking to help out with this. Please feel free to share this on Facebook / Twitter etc. If you can help or want more information please contact me on 07481 106046.

Thanks and God bless you.

Pastor Dai